Staple Magazine – Issue 1

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Staple Magazine Issue 1 is out now. Staple Magazine’s pilot issue is themed Dizziness of Youth, whereby the notion of “arriving to an age” or the awkward manoeuvre between childhood to adulthood is the interest of our topic.

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Staple Magazine Issue 1 is available now on Staple Magazine’s pilot issue is themed Dizziness of Youth, whereby the notion of “arriving to an age” or the awkward manoeuvre between childhood to adulthood is the interest of our topic. Youth as an experience is marked by its contradictions and volatility; a period of not one but multiple transitions of different magnitudes. The ideas built around Youth have always been mystifying. Perhaps it is this precise dizziness, feeling of light-headedness, which youth grants us that attracts us to contemplate about it.

Local contributors include: Stephen Black (writer/ artist), Lai Yu Tong (artist), Of Trying Times (independent label), Herman Rahman (photographer), Lim Pin Han (photographer), Michelle Maxine (illustrator) and more. International contributors include: Joshua Anderson (photographer, USA), Charlie Lyne (filmmaker, UK), Hana Knizova (photographer, Czech Republic), Tayler Smith (photographer, USA), Dr Elodie Roy (writer/ academic, UK) and more.

Staple magazine is the publication for the curious. It is a compilation of potentially precarious ideas that set out to challenge common thought on contemporary topics. The magazine is based in Singapore with a team that is scattered across London, Glasgow and Singapore. Staple magazine is a new socio-cultural publication, published bi-annually.

Details: Staple Magazine – Issue 1

185 x 255 mm, 160 pages

Published by Staple Magazine
Manufactured in Singapore
Available in English
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