Tous Magazine Volume 1

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Tous Magazine Volume 1 is here. A modern magazine celebrating and empowering creativity. Tous Mag showcases a carefully curated selection of artists, brands, indie makers, hospitality – and more – with a vision to inspire others to create their own unique destiny.

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Tous Magazine Volume 1 is available now on In our first printed volume, we visit: the sun-washed region of Puglia, Italy, to lust over the white stone farmhouse Masseria Moroseta; experience a day in the life of Beekeeper Pam Fowler in Utah; we’re transported to the arid lands of Oman in a photo essay from Beatrice Brusa and visit the largest permaculture farm in Estonia – with Kadri Otsiver – to understand the importance of the ecosystem.

We speak with 6 fantastically talented women, about their life and work, including: glass fruit maker Devyn Ormsby; Artist and Illustrator Tatiana Alida; Founder of Partnership Editions Georgia Spray; experimental Artist Tiffany Bouelle; Founder of Hôtel Magique Milou Neelen and Author & Founder of The Insecure Girls’ Club Olivia Purvis.

Volume 01 also recounts the monumental moment that Sebastian Rapp completed his canoe build after years of labouring; what it means to be able to practice leather making and the sentimentality of craftsmanship with maker Marco Lazzaroni; the power of supporting others – no matter what stage you’re at – with gallery Select-Works and how Ellie Jauncey became a florist by mistake.

If that wasn’t enough, we discuss the importance of sharing a meal around the table with loved ones, the culture of food and its endless exploration with words from Wanda Box and Salt’n Sugar, as well as a beautiful illustration from Sammi Lynch. Tied with all of the above, we share words and thoughts with Paris based designers Studio Figures and marvel at a wonderfully written poem on the senses of Cornwall by Pen & Bulb.

Tous Magazine is a new magazine from the UK. A modern magazine celebrating and empowering creativity. Tous Mag showcases a carefully curated selection of artists, brands, indie makers, hospitality – and more – with a vision to inspire others to create their own unique destiny.


The White Stone Farmhouse
Destination: Masseria Moroseta

An interview with Devyn Ormsby
Artist behind Devon Made Glass

Ta aed on tema nägu
Words by Tous Mag, Images by Kadri Otsiver

An interview with Tatiana Alida
London based Artist and Illustrator

The Celebration of Food
Featuring Alina and Jule of Salt’n Sugar

Around the Table
Words by Holly Joice, Image by artist Sammi Lynch

An Evening Out, at Home
Words by Natalie Jones of Wanda Box

An interview with Georgia Spray
Founder of Partnership Editions

Les Fleurs
Words by Ellie Jauncey of Ede Flowers

The Desert Tales
A photo essay by Beatrice Brusa

An interview with Tiffany Bouelle
Japanese/French experimental Artist

The Great Canoe Build
Words by Sebastian Rapp

Mackerel Sky
Words by Pen & Bulb

Tuscan Leather, a Story of Traditions told
Words by Marco Lazzaroni of VICUS

An interview with Milou Neelen
Founder of Hôtel Magique

A Reminder of Personal Evolutions
Words by Cara Bray of Select-Works

Shapes meet Subtlety
Words by Studio Figures

An interview with Olivia Purvis
Founder of The Insecure Girls’ Club

The Life of A Beekeeper: Utah, US
Words by Pam Fowler of Made from Honey

Details: Tous Magazine Volume 1

116 pages, 21 x 28 cm, Perfect Bound, Uncoated paper

Published by Tous Magazine
Manufactured in United Kingdom
Available in English
Reading situation Coffee Shop · Home
Article No. bftousmag0001
Weight 560 g
Dimensions 21 × 28 × 2 cm

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