Wallpaper Magazine – November 2021

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Wallpaper Magazine November 2021 is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Nine years ago, when Cao Fei first featured in the pages of Wallpaper*, she was already at the forefront of technology, but relatively unknown among an audience that wasn’t familiar with the Chinese art scene.

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This item: Wallpaper Magazine – November 2021

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CHF 18.90 CHF 27.00 (incl. VAT) (incl. VAT)
CHF 18.90 CHF 27.00 (incl. VAT) (incl. VAT)
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Fast forward to today, Cao is one of the most groundbreaking creatives of our time, newly lauded with the Deutsche Börse Foundation Photography Prize and in the midst of a global tour of sorts: following acclaimed solo exhibitions at the Centre Pompidou, Serpentine Galleries and UCCA Beijing, she is about to show in Los Angeles and Rome. Her ability to articulate the promises and pitfalls of technology remains uncanny, though her virtual worlds have since been overtaken in fame by epic video installations.

So I am honoured that she is headlining this Art Special with a 20-page portfolio of stills and exclusive behind-the-scenes photography from her recent works Nova (2019) and Asia One (2018); respectively, the tale of a scientist who accidentally sends his son into a virtual limbo, and a disquieting vision of an industrial facility of the near future in which robots have replaced human workers. Beyond their resonances with the present moment, the films have an alluring beauty that gives an odd but welcome glimmer of hope. As our Singapore editor Daven Wu writes in his profile of the artist, ‘while Cao’s work is streaked with the constant theme of gloomy dystopia, it is also firmly balanced by a sense of impermanence – in the positive sense that, whatever else may be troubling us, it won’t last’. In the same sense, her limited-edition cover for the issue, which reflects on a post-Covid world, also offers a subtle suggestion that better days lie ahead.

Equally unmissable are our inaugural Smart Space Awards, celebrating the perfect union of domestic technology and product design. The winning products, ranging from a water bottle that can neutralise the majority of water-borne germs to a laptop that is truly modular and easily upgradeable, reassure us that whatever the future holds – even if it turns out the way Cao Fei imagines it – considered, ingenious, life-enhancing design will be there to guide us.

Wallpaper Magazine is the global design authority, leading the way in architecture, design, art, entertaining, beauty & grooming, transport, technology, fashion, and watches & jewellery. Founded as a print magazine in 1996, it has evolved into a multi-channel media brand. With a strong track record of discovering next-generation talents and creative matchmaking, Wallpaper Magazine is at the forefront of the global creative community. It continues to change the way the world thinks about design. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Wallpaper Magazine brings home in glorious colour the latest architecture, design, art and entertainment to make our lives that bit more interesting and stylish. Launched in 1996, Wallpaper Magazine is the world’s no. 1 global design destination. It delivers the core values of modern living to a new generation of urban nomads. Aimed at an international audience, it celebrates the best in design, fashion, travel and technology.

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