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  • Oath Magazine Volume 2

    Oath Magazine Volume 2 (On Love) is available now on Oath Magazine is offering a curated view of the incredible photographic talents coming from South Africa and beyond. This special volume is filled to the brim with explosively gorgeous photography surrounding the biggest theme there is - love.
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    Ordinary Magazine Issue 10 –

    Ordinary Magazine – Issue 10

    Ordinary Magazine Issue 10 is available now on Issue 10 will be the very last issue. The grand finale is all about the CD. Ordinary is a fine art photography magazine featuring over 20 different artists from around the world, who are asked to make one ordinary object extra-ordinary,
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  • Primary Paper Magazine – Issue 5 (Faith)

    Primary Paper Magazine Issue 5 (Faith) looks deeply at the theme of ‘Faith’. Beyond just religion and spirituality, Faith is what guides the life we live. It’s what we believe, what we trust and what we admire. Faith can be powerful, complex, influential and sometimes confronting. It can create a sense of community, but can also cause a divide. The concept of Faith is about placing true confidence in what you believe in, be it religious, spiritual, philosophical or human.
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    PORT Magazine – Issue 29

    PORT Magazine Issue 29 is here. The Autumn/Winter and 10-year anniversary issue of Port – featuring musicians Brian Eno, Little Simz and AJ Tracey, actors Willem Dafoe and George MacKay, authors Elif Shafak and Wole Soyinka, artists Gavin Turk and Tacita Dean, chef Douglas McMaster, architect Sumayya Vally, designer George Sowden, milliner Stephen Jones, alongside writing from Shon Faye, Raymond Antrobus, Hatty Nestor and Sequoia Nagamatsu.
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    AnOther Magazine – Autumn/Winter 2021

    AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2021 is available now on “At a time when the entire fashion system, including the very notion of a fashion season, is challenged like never before, we uphold its endlessly inventive and protean ability to capture the now. This will be a time to remember – frightening and difficult, perhaps, yet also exciting, energising and filled with promise. And I hope, with hindsight, our magazine captures this moment.” – Susannah Frankel, Editor-in-Chief
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    Highsnobiety – Issue 24

    Highsnobiety Issue 24 is here. For the latest issue of HIGHStyle, supermodel Irina Shayk graces our cover as part of a 28-page takeover, letting us in on her “KGB” style secrets and what it takes to land a West Village apartment. Elsewhere, T-Pain serves his all-time favorite cocktail recipe, Andre Walker talks us through his archive, and we share some hot bondage goodness straight from our neighborhood in Berlin.
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    Luncheon Magazine Issue 11 – loremnotipsum.comLuncheon Magazine Issue 11 –

    Luncheon Magazine – Issue 11

    Luncheon Magazine Issue 11 is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). Luncheon is a style and culture magazine that invites old and new friends of all generations and cultural experiences to share their views, life and work over lunch.
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    Plus Magazine – Issue 3

    Plus Magazine Issue 3 is here. The third issue of Plus explores the idea of what love is. The power of love has enabled people to tie different voices from different countries and cities together in this issue.
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    Sixteen Journal – Volume 6

    Sixteen Journal Volume 6 is available now on and entirely dedicated to Jazz. Sixteen Journal is a publication that investigates notions of the human condition. A philosophical odyssey of emotionality, human form and time.
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    Drift Magazine – Volume 11 (Los Angeles)

    Drift Magazine Volume 11 (Los Angeles) is here. From sunny beaches and high mountainscapes to boulevards lined with palm trees and a dense urban core, we criss-cross this sprawling cradle of pop culture to bring you stories of a rapidly diversifying coffee scene.
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    Foam Magazine – Issue 60

    Foam Magazine Issue 60 (Glyphs) is here. From art, literature and media to academia and internet culture, the visual and the written language have crossed paths many a time, creating a genre of their own. Our interest lies in the current creation and consumption of images and text, which is why the following contributions look closely at current crossroads and intersections of the two. What meanings and stories can one medium give or take from the other? And how can they influence our thinking or the way we perceive and navigate a world of fact and fiction.
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    Kennedy Magazine – Issue 12

    Kennedy Magazine Issue 12 (NYC) is available now on! Kennedy Magazine Issue 12 is completely dedicated to New York City. Almost a year and a half in the making Kennedy New York issue is probably our most ambitious effort so far.
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