Cloakroom Magazine – Issue 1

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Cloakroom Magazine Issue 1 is now available from LOREM (not Ipsum). Cloakroom explores with wit and rigor, exceptional spaces and the lives and minds of those who inhabit them.

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Cloakroom Magazine Issue 1 is now available from LOREM (not Ipsum). Cloakroom Magazine explores with wit and rigor, exceptional spaces and the lives and minds of those who inhabit them. Re imagining and re framing an obsession with interiors, its bi annual magazine offers hyper-specific lifestyle through photographic portfolios, interviews and commentary by the creative industry’s most influential photographers and writers. In a series of intimate, visual and written stories in contemporary design and fashion, Cloakroom investigates the friction between good taste and bad, and the allure of that contradiction.

Content of Cloakroom Magazine Issue 1

An intimate portrait of Harrison Ford at home in Los Angeles by long time friend and collaborator Matthew Donaldson.

A candid conversation between Barzini and writer Gay Talese (author of Thy Neighbour’s Wife, a real life account of thepolyamory and free love movement in 1970s America).
The pair discuss sex, writing and Italian heritage in his New York home – photographs and portraits of New York City by Leigh Johnson.

Oskar Metsavaht, founder of sustainable fashion brand OSKLEN is a hotelier, artist, former pediatrician and UNESCO ambassador.
Horacio Silva talks to the polymath reflecting his position in the high society of Rio, a right wing city in the midst of political and cultural upheaval and the impact of Jair Bolsonaro on him and life for Brazilians in general.

Emily King explores the life and work of Petra Blaisse, the interior architect and partner of Rem Koolhaas.
A narrative and visual exploration of her subversive approach to design. Her work is brought to life through a collaborative shoot with fellow dutch artists and photographers Scheltens & Abbenes who have a retrospective at FOAM in Amsterdam this year.

Photographer Polly Brown re imagines the conventional idea of a furniture editorial in a magazine.
Her work eschews the collective obsession with interiors – toying with contemporary design classics and the ordinary every-day – ‘disabling’ objects, interfering with their function, she questions the notion of taste evoking a reaction from the reader throughout.

Reinterpretation of Thailand’s most popular pornographic magazine from the 1980’s in a graphic series.

Featuring New Yorker staffer Jia Tolentino

FT columnist Kathleen Baird Murray shares her account of being a bra model to pay her first apartment

Featuring Marie Louise Scio

Enhance your word power

Raven Smith is the first participant in this recurring feature. We invite a figure from contemporary culture to document the their everyday life through a 7 day photographic diary.

By illustrator Jo Ratcliffe


With Ed Ruscha (Portrait and text)

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