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Discover our Coffee Magazine Bundle on with at least 15% of price advantage compared to the separate editions (available while stock lasts): Magazine F Issue 18 (Coffee), Standart Magazine Issue 18 and SOLO Magazine Issue 7.

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Discover our Coffee Magazine Bundle on with at least 15% of price advantage compared to the separate editions (available while stock lasts). Grab our Coffee Magazine Bundle.

Magazine F Issue 18 (Coffee)

Magazine F Issue 18 (Coffee) is here. For ages, people around the world have loved coffee, a beverage on which countless cultures have been built in a host of metropolises and countries. Each coffee variety responds to terroir and production conditions, and like fashion, these nuances have become indicators of individual preferences and tastes of coffee lovers.

Standart Magazine Issue 18

Standart Magazine Issue 18 introduces an exciting new content structure that takes as its thematic centre a long-form essay ‘On Coffee and Criticism’ by the incredible Noa Berger—a social scientist working on coffee consumption. The idea of critique, in its many forms, guides our newest release. From pieces that explore the role criticism plays in our everyday lives and how we can turn it into constructive fuel for improvement, to a critical exploration of how we define ‘premium’ in paying farmers a decent price for their work, to how Modernist writers Virginia Woolf and T. S. Eliot used coffee as a literary device to explore the fabric of consciousness.

SOLO Magazine Issue 7

SOLO Magazine is a printed publication from Barcelona (Spain) about good coffee that aims to approach the specialty coffee scene from a fresh, personal, and nontechnical point of view. We’re into the stories behind experts and consumers, offer high-quality content by professionals and restless minds, and want to share it all creatively with you to help expand the coffee culture. Not only by distributing and selling the magazine, but also by collaborating with different brands, cafes, roasters, events and whatever may come. SOLO is a magazine, but also an open platform for anyone interested in knowing more about specialty coffee from a different angle. SOLO invites you to take a break with a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a calm read. It’s an invitation to pause for a moment and enjoy the good things in life.

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Available in English
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