Fare Magazine – Issue 8 (Lima)

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Fare Magazine Issue 8 (Lima) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Perched high above the Pacific Ocean, Lima is the bridge between Peru’s old and new, and a stunning showcase of biodiversity and multiculturalism.

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Fare Magazine Issue 8 (Lima) is available now on loremnotipsum.com. Fare Magazine returns with this thrillling exploration of the Peruvian capital, led by an ecclectic group of locals including writers, chefs, artists, researchers, and documentarians. Perched high above the Pacific Ocean, Lima is the bridge between Peru’s old and new, and a stunning showcase of biodiversity and multiculturalism.

Fare magazine is a publication exploring the heart of a city through its food, history, and community. Fare magazine is published bi-annually. Fare introduces its readers to a single city and lets its locals do the talking: taking you down backstreets and through forgotten histories, exploring neighborhoods and local institutions, and doing more than just taste the food on offer. The result is a portrait of city life and culture more thoughtful and nuanced than the dreamy conjurings that typify touristic material. Fare magazine is not a conventional travel guide; it is designed to excite and inspire, but also to educate, and each issue begins with a crash course in the city’s phenomena of place, and ends with a full glossary of local terms and histories referenced within.

Details of Fare Magazine Issue 8 (Lima)

196 pages, 240 x 170 mm, lithographically printed on Arctic matt and Cyclus Offset stock; perfect bound.

Published by Fare Magazine
Manufactured in Denmark
Available in English
Reading situation Beach · Coffee Shop · Home · Mountain hut · Travelling
Article No. bffaremag0008
Weight 490 g
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 2 cm

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