Hidden Scotland – Issue 1

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Hidden Scotland Issue 1 features a mix of stories, insightful articles, interviews, detailed roundups, historical, small business focus, traveller’s tales, all of which include helpful information and not to mention stunning photography.

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Hidden Scotland Issue 1 is available now on loremnotipsum.com and has a mix of stories, insightful articles, interviews, detailed roundups, historical, small business focus, traveller’s tales, all of which include helpful information and not to mention stunning photography. The magazine is beautifully printed and of high quality but we intend for it to be well used and to become a point of reference, we encourage this with dedicated note pages at different stages of the magazine.

Hidden Scotland magazine is a source of inspiration and information on travelling to and around Scotland. We are on a mission to discover, create, and collaborate, in order to inspire travellers and Scotland’s inhabitants to get out and explore one of the most beautiful countries our planet has to offer.

We have carefully curated a range of articles and features within the magazine to offer a diverse range of content for you to enjoy and find useful. We remain true to Hidden Scotland’s style and vow to share only content that is useful, unique, and informative as well as digging a little deeper and exploring features we have not yet shared.

Hidden Scotland magazine is a source of inspiration and information on travelling to and around Scotland. We are on a mission to discover, create, and collaborate, in order to inspire travellers and Scotland’s inhabitants to get out and explore one of the most beautiful countries our planet has to offer. With that in mind, we want to encourage conscious travel in a bid to get to the heartbeat of the awe-inspiring locations within Scotland. By encouraging meaningful experiences, travellers will begin to immerse themselves within their surroundings to establish longer lasting connections and gain a better understanding of the area they are in and its people. We want to show that sustainable travel gives something back to the communities and provides the traveller with an authentic experience. Now more than ever people want to return home from a trip feeling enlightened and transformed. We have worked with an extremely talented group of creative people who have contributed to this issue in order to be able to tell stories, offer guidance, share tips, and give insight in travelling around Scotland.


A note from us.

Slow Travel, Is It Here To Stay?
Written by Laura Anne Brown.

Roundup: Villages of Scotland
Explore some of Scotland’s breathtaking and memorable villages.

Aberdeenshire’s Most Haunted
Discovering Aberdeenshire’s most haunted castles with VisitAberdeenshire.

The Story of Springbank
Learn about the oldest independent family-owned distillery in Scotland and the process of making their whisky.

Accommodation spotlight: Tower O’ Ess
In the Glen Tanar Estate, Aberdeenshire.

Lifestyle: The Influence Of The Outside
By creators of The Coorie Home: Beautiful Scottish Living, Beth Pearson & Ciara Menzies.

Scots Dictionary Corner
Sharing some well know and lesser known Scots words and their meanings.

Made in Scotland
Showcasing a selection of wonderful products made in Scotland. This issue focuses on products that make a house a home.

Interview: The Tartan Blanket Co.
Hidden Scotland interviews owners Emma & Fergus of The Tartan Blanket Co.

Behind The Lens: Jim Richardson
This issue we go behind the lens with National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson, telling the story of when he visited The Isle of Muck.

Discovering The Nooks & Crannies of Edinburgh
We explore Edinburgh and within.

History: The MacDonalds of Skye and Their Castles
Author David McDonald takes us back to discover the history of Clan Donald.

Winter Getaways
Discover unique accommodation all over Scotland.

Interview: Black h, Harlosh
Hidden Scotland interviews Jason & Sarah, owners of architecturally designed self catering holiday home Black h, Harlosh.

Five Winter Species To Encounter On The Isle of Mull
Owner of Mull Winter Wildlife Tours Ewan Miles, writes about wildlife on the Isle of Mull.

Small Business Spotlight
Shining the light on some of Scotland’s wonderful independently owned businesses.

WildTrax: One Life, Live It
Escape reality and lose yourself in the wilderness, with WildTrax.

Wild Hearts: Elopements & Small Intimate Weddings
By destination wedding planner Emma Matthews.

Carlowrie Castle
Shaped by history, Scotland’s premier 21st century events venue

Traveller’s Tales
Solitude on St Kilda with Alistair Horne.

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