Makeshift Magazine Issue 13 – Healing

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Makeshift Magazine Issue 13 is available now! This time around, our vast contributor network brings you stories of hidden creativity from across the globe, including Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Canada, Thailand and more.

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Makeshift Magazine Issue 13 is out now. In this issue, you can find stories of DIY prosthetic makers, video game healers and other healthcare hacks using available resources to improve those around them. Find interesting stories in Makeshift Magazine Issue 13 (the Healing Issue).


Psych Warfare — Using Skype and shoddy internet, overseas psychiatrists support Syria’s internally displaced persons and refugees

Observed: United States — Sgt. Aaron Tam was hit by a blast during the US-Iraq conflict. Under the creative guidance of Melissa Walker, an art therapist at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence in Maryland, he made the mask to help deal with his trauma.

Collective Cure — Pick up a paintbrush or join a group walk in South London to help combat mental distress

Island Care — Volunteer doctors travel 500 nautical miles each spring to visit patients on remote islands

Near Death — Touching the void becomes as easy as paying the admission fee

Observed: Indonesia — An allegedly schizophrenic man is treated with cupping therapy

The Healing Games — When a therapist feels out of reach, innovators reach out through the digital realm

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