Offscreen Magazine – Issue 11

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In Offscreen Magazine Issue No. 11, UK government employee Mark Hurrell talks about designing functional websites without big bangs or big dramas. Joyce Kim connects the dots between human rights and digital currencies.

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Khoi Vinh gives us a frank assessment of his ever-changing career as designer, blogger, and entrepreneur; app maker Björn Jeffery makes his case for a new generation of digital toys on screens; Torontonian Kris Piotrowski reminisces about video games and the emotional ups and downs of making them; and Dave Pell shows us how to combine investing and sending emails to make a living.


  • Mark Hurrell. Designer at the UK government — on functional minimalism, what critical art practice taught him about the design process, and how geek culture ruins everything.
  • Joyce Kim. Director at Stellar — on what she learned in the Ivy League, using technology to avoid dystopia, and bringing financial literacy to the unbanked.
  • Khoi Vinh. Designer, blogger, entrepreneur — on the legacy of having worked for The New York Times, futuristic creation devices, and the realities of growing older on the web.
  • Björn Jeffery. Co-Founder of Toca Boca — on play for the sake of play, adapting to US business culture, and the challenges of selling kids’ apps to adults.
  • Kris Piotrowski. Co-Founder of Capybara Games — on being stuck in The Swamp, how music informs his design process, and what video games can teach us about empathy.
  • Dave Pell. Writer, Blogger, Investor — on the newsworthiness of news, living a dual life as a writer and investor, and why email was and always will be the killer app.


  • A Day In The Life Of — Spend a day with Tobias Bæck and Kim Wouters.
  • May I Ask — Dan Grover answers questions about his life as an app designer in China.
  • Inbox Pro — Peter Cooper is a writer, programmer, and publisher. He makes a living sending emails.
  • The Web: How I See It — Raam Dev is a writer, thinker, and programmer. He shares with us his view of the state of the web.
  • Rules of Business — Guiding principles for doing business, by Pip Jamieson.
  • Gear Guide — Accessories for the modern web worker, by Shawn Blanc
  • Workspace — YOOtheme, Essence, Connectivity LA , Chartboost, Appboy
  • and much more
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