Pallet Magazine – Issue 4

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Pallet Magazine Issue 4 is available now. Pallet looks and feels more like a coffee table book than a regular magazine. Printed on deluxe, uncoated stock and perfect bound, we’ve made the cover thick and embossed the front.

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Pallet Magazine Issue 4 is out now. It’s been scientifically proven that reading Pallet while drinking your favorite beer makes your eyes move and your arms too. For a dose of real science (we found a professor breaking apart hops to make new medicine) plus some philosophy, LSD-inspired artwork, and beer recipes, and many more.

Pallet is a premium print quarterly for people with curious minds and adventurous palates. Or put more simply, those who like to think and drink. Pallet uses beer, subtly, as a conduit to the things we love: interesting conversation, great writing, science, history, photography, music and more. coupled with eclectic content that stretches beyond beer, pallet is for anyone who is intellectually nosey


Printed on deluxe stock, perfect bound, and with a minimum of 144 pages

Published by Pallet Magazine
Manufactured in USA
Available in English
Article No. bfpalletmag0004
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