Works That Work – No. 10

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Works That Work Magazine No. 10 is available now! We are pleased to announce the new issue of Works That Work. This issue presents a vision of design that we believe in, design as a process that leads to permanent betterment of life and where everyone involved benefits. As examples, we introduce projects that challenge the trend of planned obsolescence and promote the ideas of circular design.

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This is also the final issue of the project, so we also devote attention to how things end and designing with the end in mind. WTW has fulfilled its plan of producing 10 issues over five years, creating a magazine that doesn’t follow existing models, but creates alternatives for financing, distribution and production of the magazine. All good things must come to an end.


People like the security of keeping things as they are in defiance of the fact that says that everything that has a beginning also has an end.

Designing Things to Last
Planned obsolescence drives much of modern industry but is also bloating our landfills. What do the alternatives look like?

A Vase That Makes a Difference
To escape the poverty of one of the world’s largest slums, children need a miracle. Laurien Meuter and Pepe Heykoop offer them one.

The Chair That’s Everywhere
As practical as it is unglamourous, the one-piece stacking plastic chair is part of daily life all over the world.

Urban Farming
As cities swell, farmlands dwindle and climates shift, creative use of urban spaces may become an important aspect of agriculture.

When the Ice Gets Thick
The unexpected beauty and variety of ice fishing huts.

Return To Maker
Bottle-deposit schemes reward consumers for keeping their used bottles out of landfills. Sometimes a little motivation is enough.

Helping ZOO Animals Find the Fun
Animals in captivity need mental stimulation as much as they need food, water and shelter, and play is serious stuff.

Reaching Beyond Borders
A Dutch foundation is bringing Palestinian art and design—and the stories behind them—to the world outside.

A Wardrobe for Wellness
Designed by a patient for patients, Hospital Hacks clothing restores some dignity to the experience of being in hospital.

Do Not Park
The ‘parking goats’ of Bucharest are homemade markers used to stake out that most precious of commodities, the parking space.

Designing For The End
Disasters cannot be entirely prevented, but they can be anticipated and planned for.

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