Cartography Magazine – Issue 6

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Cartography magazine Issue 6 is here. Cartography Issue 6 takes you to China, Argentina and Jordan. Highlights include an exploration of the outermost reaches of China’s borders, a summery Argentina for who loves the sun and losing yourself on the Jordanian trails.

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Cartography magazine Issue 6 is available now on Cartography Issue 6 takes you to China, Argentina and Jordan. Cartography N°6 embarks on a journey towards the outermost reaches of China. In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region – where mosques and Zoroastrian temples coexist alongside each other, and the land is inhabited by Turkic-looking Uyghurs and blond blue-eyed Tajiks – we explore what once was the buzzing heart of the Silk Road.

Then comes Argentina, whose frontiers mainly rest upon natural features—rivers, mountains, and the ocean. We touch the edges of the Country: the Misiones subtropical forest, the watery province wedged in between Paraguay and Brazil, the Andean North-West where people’s faces are burnt by the altitude and the light fazes the roads, the beginning of the South, Patagonia, pushing up against the beautiful pre-Cordillera.

Finally, the issue brings the reader along the the Jordan Trail, from South Little Petra to Titin Village, hiking for a hundred miles over eight days, sleeping mostly in serviced wild camps with meals prepared by the local community. Beautifully shot by photographer Catherine Hyland, this almost endless hiking route crosses the entire country, from the Fertile Crescent in the North to the edge of the Arabian Desert and the Red Sea in the South.

Cartography is a travel magazine. Cartography magazine is specialized in itineraries across the globe. Each destination in Cartography comes with a photographic album, a short text, a map and an itinerary with recommended stops. We are passionate about all things contemporary, traditions, nature, exploration, people and places. Cartography is made for the modern traveller. It’s where your next journey starts. Founded in 2016 by Paola Corini and Luca De Santis, Cartography Magazine is published twice a year. Based in Milan Italy. Every journey hides a world. Journeys shape our idea of the world and the place we have in it. Cartography is aiming at encouraging every single person to embark on a journey in space and time to better understand the world now. Cartography asks photographers, writers, artists, journalists, academics, anthropologists, designers, fellow travellers to gather and discuss why we travel.

Details: Cartography Magazine – Issue 6

China – 21 days
Argentina – 17 days
Jordan – 8 days

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