KAJET Journal No. 4 (on Periphery)

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KAJET Journal No. 4 (on Periphery) is here. KAJET Journal is a journal of Eastern European encounters. In the case of Eastern Europe, it is the very fluid history of the region that makes it the perfect site for critically delving into its troubled relationship with the notion of utopia.

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KAJET Journal No. 4 (on Periphery) is available now on loremnotipsum.com.

KAJET Journal Issue 4 features 20 written texts and 5 visual/photography projects. Besides the suggested themes, we are also interested in publishing short stories, autobiographical dreads and fiction, as well as visual projects, such as photo series and illustrations. Special focus remains placed on tackling academic subjects with a more accessible overtone. Therefore, we are particularly interested in projects that draw extensively from cultural studies, post-structuralist philosophy, critical theory, anthropology, film/cinema studies, architecture, ethnography, art history, cultural sociology, gender studies, ecology, political science, etc.

KAJET Journal is developed, designed and printed in Bucharest, Romania. It is a journal of Eastern European encounters that seeks to be more than just a mere signal from the periphery—essentially, to move beyond a purely anecdotal understanding of Eastern Europe. Inside Eastern Europe — an urgent and topical subject matter that needs to be actively represented through the medium of independent publishing. In our attempts to approach scholarly interests with an informal overtone, we provide a platform for academics to co-exist with artists; in this way, KAJET Journal becomes an alternative space where Eastern European encounters are brought to the fore for the steady reader and for the culturally inquisitive Flâneur and Flâneuse.


Alienated subjectivities in post-socialist neoliberalism: the struggle of the self and the struggle of communities at the periphery

Collective struggles for a post-Western world, emerging translocal art scenes and diasporas

Providing alternatives from the margin. Post-capitalist alternatives in post-socialist settings

The Anthropocene at the periphery: global economy de-carbonisation, behavioural changes, ecological struggles, new modes of governing and the future of Eastern Europe

The production of knowledge elsewhere: art and culture beyond the epistemic canon and the mainstream

Intersectional feminism at the margins: feminist histories and modernities, women and resistance

Queering the East: the past, present, and future of LGBTQ politics

Post/de-colonial approaches to post-socialist Eastern Europe

Transregional solidarity: how can we create a network of Eastern European solidarity and cooperation?

Eastern Europe and radical imaginations: how will the revolution look like, or how can we imagine a revolutionary future?

Peripheral flows, mobility, and exchanges between ex-Soviet states

Global discourses, local practices: dissenting against the hegemony & exploring non-Western, non-mainstream indigenous praxes at the margin

Eastern Europe and the concept of in-betweenness as an interstitial space of radical imagination

Cultural geographies of the Other: European identity, Eastern Europeanness, identity myths, civilisation, otherness

Contemporary world systems and the Global South, North, and East

Soft violence in the contemporary urban landscapes at the margin

Visions of space and the battle for sustainability in the former Eastern bloc: the social production of space and the revolutionisation of everyday life through architecture of change

Material culture, mass housing, and living in post-socialist Eastern Europe

Memory and forgetting: the cultural politics of remembering

Details: KAJET Journal No. 4 (on Periphery)

256 pages, 23 x 16,5 x 2 cm, weight: 600g

Published by KAJET Journal
Manufactured in Romania
Available in English
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