Mayday Magazine – Issue 2

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Mayday magazine Issue 2 is out now. In this second issue we focus on humans working together in a machine-driven era. It’s about heroic and entrepreneurial ideas combined in new, unimagined patterns.

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Mayday magazine Issue 2 is available now on When we hear the word “Mayday,” we know something’s up. In this second issue we focus on humans working together in a machine-driven era. It’s about heroic and entrepreneurial ideas combined in new, unimagined patterns.

We live in unpredictable times. Times of incredible technological advancement and multi-speed development. Of polarisation and immense socioeconomic shifts. It’s a time of big surprises. We know nothing. But if we know how to thrive and exist in that uncertainty, we know something. That’s why the future belongs to creativity, free will and strong character. And trust. This is how we embrace the obscure. In this inaugural issue, we want to emphasise the existence of the non-conformists, the eccentrics and the originals. Their ideas and critical views. No matter what field they may come from. We believe in critical and independent thinking as much as we prefer character over popularity, and so, Mayday is a magazine full of heroes and villains and extreme ideas. Here you go.

Mayday Magazine is a new magazine from Copenhagen published bi-annually. The world is becoming faster and more radicalised than ever. Mayday is an independent magazine about the erratic realities facing people, society, business and culture. Mayday Magazine is for women and men who are curious about the future. We cover art as much as technology, hope as much as despair, and creativity as much as destruction. As long as we see fascinating ideas or troublesome thinking. We are curiously exploring corners of the world and the mind on how to exist when you can’t predict the future or even the next day. Created in a rare combination of clever and beautiful, serious and playful, and forward-thinking yet respectful for the great accomplishments of humanity. It’s a work of art for all senses. It’s original. It’s Mayday.


Starting up New Heroes

Let Them Eat Cake
Editor’s Letter

State of the World Last Time We Checked
State of the world in words and infographics

Vestager: A Real Conversation
The challenges of technological innovation

Where Is Europe Now?
Q&A with Ivan Krastev

Material World
New sustainable manufacturing

In Between the Dots
Entrepreneurship beyond business

Blue Marble in Art and Space
Existence in and from space

To Bestow Life Upon a Lifeless Machine
An artist and her Artificial Intelligence

Kinds of Blue
The meaning of a colour

Can a Bordeaux Be a Bordeaux When Grown Outside of Bordeaux
The vines in France are challenged by the climate. In Germany they love it

Fill in the Blanks
Curious? Go see for yourself

Our Sovereign Processor
Can governing structures be changed based on blockchain technology?

The Coffee Dispatch
On the changes of café culture

The Espresso Index
A double espresso in six world cities

Human Creativity Becomes the Human Advantage
Five ingredients that will help you become a creative person

The Glorious Failures of Crappy Robots
Low-tech engineering and creativity

Nobody Said It Was Easy
A Professor of professors

Be prepared…

Hands Off! The Poetry of Business
Balancing experimentation and management

Curation for You
Seven books to read

The Value of Value
Bo Lidegaard on the notion of value

Recap of the magazine partially told with

Details: Mayday Magazine – Issue 2

112 pages, 200 x 275 mm

Published by Mayday Magazine
Manufactured in Denmark
Available in English
Article No. bfmaydaymag0002
Weight 520 g
Dimensions 29 × 22 × 2 cm

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