Profane Magazine No. 15

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Profane Magazine No. 15 (I Am Not a Number) is available now on Type in the words editorial / amateur / collection / Instagram /pleasure / hands / make / trance / flights of fancy / decor / necklace / tree / courtyard / uniform / loaf. Let the algorithm do its work. And wait. A little.

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Elephant Magazine Issue 48 –
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NORK Magazine Volume 6 –
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Profane Magazine No. 15 (I Am Not a Number) is available now on Type in the words editorial / amateur / collection / Instagram /pleasure / hands / make / trance / flights of fancy / decor / necklace / tree / courtyard / uniform / loaf. Let the algorithm do its work. And wait. A little.

We would love to see this introduction write itself before our amazed eyes, in a joint and joyful effort between machine and human, but perhaps our request is not clear and specific enough, as the artificial intelligence is reluctant to deliver. And yet, full of hope, galvanized by our opening invitation (p. 6), as we watched images generated by binary encoding appear, we thought it might. Our reflection (p. 46) also confirmed the progress of robots, ousting man from the workforce. But it is obvious that amateurs don’t give in easily to calculations, as they prefer to explore unreasonable and unfathomable paths to achieve contentment. Their own Eden. All that remains then is to stop loafing in order to draft this introduction which says, each time and always a little more pointedly, that our table of contents does not follow any agenda, but flourishes unconstrained. When this new issue is opened, two paper legs perform a mean split: from social media (p. 120) to a shop in Puglia (p. 184), from a demiurge vegetation (p. 164) to a tenement building (p. 86), from a shell (p. 130) to a slice of bread (p. 226), from mountain (p. 30) to closet (p. 96). That’s just the way Profane is, welcoming everyone that wanders off the beaten track, especially those who create their own paths, and too bad for computer science.

Profane Magazine is a print journal from France that features an eclectic mix of poetry, essays, and stories. That’s just the way Profane is, welcoming everyone that wanders off the beaten track, especially those who create their own paths, and too bad for computer science. Profane has only one pet subject: the amateur, whether he is an artist or a collector, a novice or a specialist, a fervent admirer or simply creates in his spare time. Profane Magazine is published bi-annually. English editions available on


  • Amedeo Abello
  • Lucas Charrier
  • Étienne Divare
  • t Lysandre Enanaa
  • Théo Garnier-Greuez
  • Émilien Lassance & Gilles Sellin
  • Victoire Le Tarnec
  • Jonathan LLense
  • Francisco Macias
  • Jonas Marguet
  • Clément Philippe
  • Stéphane Ruchaud
  • Patricia Schwoerer
  • Jean Pierre Sluys & Axelle Viannay
  • Thérèse Verrat & Vincent Toussaint
  • Florence Andoka
  • Camille Azaïs
  • Zélie de Crécy
  • Étienne Divaret
  • Lysandre Enanaa
  • Henri Guette
  • Laurent Goumarre
  • Aisling Halleman
  • Matthieu Nicol
  • Cédric Saint André Perrin
  • Graziella Semerciyan
  • Mildred Simantov
  • Carine Soyer
  • Leslie Veisse
  • Axelle Viannay
  • Lucas Charrier

Details: Profane Magazine No. 15

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