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Benji Knewman Magazine – Issue 4

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Benji Knewman Magazine Issue 4 is out now and available at LOREM (not Ipsum) in Zurich. The Riga (Latvia) based magazine was founded in 2014 and is published bilingual (English/Latvian).


Chapter 1
…is all about new findings. One steps into shoes ordered over the Internet and says hello to a new version of herself. An English man wanders around Gdańsk in Poland and stumbles upon a mysterious photo shop.

Chapter 2
…in which a professor looks at the concept of marriage – if we are changing all the time how can we promise to stay with someone forever? Next to him is a guy, a gay guy, who believes that you should live in a way that even assholes would remember you.

Chapter 3
…is a man’s world. The legendary ballet dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov admits to fear of a fall. A young man in Riga explores his body while another young man in Toronto travels back to his native Tehran, Iran.

Chapter 4
…is where we get behind the scenes. A librarian shares a myriad of quirky stories from her mundane life at a library (this feature might contain cats). Then we learn about modernism architecture in Riga and plunge into the making of an art website.

Chapter 5
…in which there’s a fantastic lady who owns – wait for it! – 30 000 postcards. Then we get personal with the hidden corners of the Latvian National Television Soviet-era building. Finally, it’s time for well-deserved comfort food with a friend.


Bilingual (English / Latvian) with a side of Russian.
170 mm x 240 mm.
Full color on uncoated paper complimented with two surprise insets. Perfect bound. Open spine for easy reading.
208 pages.
Printed in Jelgava, Latvia.

Cover photo by Estere Kajema.

Benji Knewman was awarded with golden medal in Printart & Design
Adwards 2016.

Available Early June 2017

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