Deem Journal – Issue 3

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Deem Journal Issue 3 (Envisioning Equity) is here. We bring together a range of perspectives on designing for difference. Deem Journal is a biannual print publication and online platform focused on design as social practice.

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Holiday Magazine Issue 386 (Saint Petersburg) –
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Deem Journal Issue 3 (Envisioning Equity) is available now on For Issue Three, “Envisioning Equity”, we bring together a range of perspectives on designing for difference.

Issue Three is led by a conversation between the Black Reconstruction Collective and Deem co-founders Nu Goteh and Alice Grandoit-Šutka. This dialogue of twelve distinct voices explores how we can best understand equity as a complex design challenge that recognizes and accounts for disadvantage, damage, and liability. With the architects, artists, designers, and scholars of the BRC, we consider the meaning of reconstruction, the relationship between equity and reparation, and the role of the institution in our visions for the future.

Deem Journal is a biannual print publication and online platform focused on design as social practice. Our beliefs: Design is the process of adding value, design is a fundamental shared experience and design is everywhere. Our intentions: Explore human-centric design frameworks independent of exclusive institutions and industry categories, ask what design can do for communities by creating conversations that are transdisciplinary and intergenerational, seek to uncover meaningful narratives, connections, and patterns that might help us better understand our histories and imagine our futures. Deem Journal is available on


Alexis Aceves Garcia, Alice Grandoit-Šutka, Althea James, Andrew Cole, Arianna Gil, The Black Reconstruction Collective, Cuidando a las que nos cuidan, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Designing Motherhood, Elleza Kelley, Isabel Flower, Jezz Chung, Julia Lucey, Julian Rose, Mia Birdsong, Monica Uszerowicz, New Red Order, Nu Goteh, Rob Lewis, Robin D.G. Kelley, Se Young Au, Silvia Federici, Taeyoon Choi, Yewande Pearse.

Details: Deem Journal – Issue 3

150 pages, Offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Carbon neutral printing. Typeset in Roobert and ITC Cheltenham.

Published by Deem Journal
Manufactured in USA
Available in English
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