Magazine B – Issue 70 (Porsche)

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Magazine B Issue 70 (Porsche) is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). With masterful control in all areas of branding including engineering, design, customer management, and storytelling, Porsche is still firmly pioneering the 21st century luxury car market.

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Magazine B Issue 70 (Porsche) is available now at LOREM (not Ipsum). Beginning in 1948 with the introduction of its first sports car, the 356, Porsche has retained its automotive DNA, epitomized by the iconic 911, while also successfully extending their premium image through SUVs, SUV crossovers, and sedans with the Cayenne, Macan, and Panamera. With masterful control in all areas of branding including engineering, design, customer management, and storytelling, Porsche is still firmly pioneering the 21st century luxury car market.

Sitting at the desk of a new company and scanning through the B editions lined up on the bookshelf, the monthly frenzy throughout the past seven years come alive ever so vividly. Through our past editions, subscribers who have shown an abiding interest and support for B remain our most pride-inducing accomplishment. Watching the magazine develop into a trusted brand and witnessing the birth of Still Books, the bookstore built on our collective ideas, I want to take this moment to thank my colleagues for making it this far, despite the difficulties along the way.

The brand featured this month is an automobile company which everyone is familiar with—Porsche. It’s a brand that has marked many well-known turning points in the history of automobiles. Being the expensive dream car of every man in the world, with its price as lofty as its stature, Porsche is a brand that not many people (considering its reputation) have had the pleasure of a hands-on experience. For most, it’s a brand that is more familiar as a poster that decorated their walls as youths. Needless to say, the name is synonymous with “success,” or the journey to it.

Fans describe the Porsche 911 Carrera as a practical sports car you can drive to work every day. In other words, along with the superior performance of a sports car, it also provides the comfort of a sedan. I believe that this sensibility—the exquisite balance between an ideal and reality—is the unique quality that makes Porsche the celebrated brand that it is today. In that sense, Porsche is not only a technology company manufacturing and selling high-performance vehicles, but is also a quintessential marketing agency that designs human desire.

Porsche is a symbol of the modern man’s materialistic dreams. Take Ben, for example, the protagonist of the Changdong Lee film Burning, who owns a Porsche 911: in almost every scenario portraying high-life living, a Porsche makes an appearance as a symbol of success. Nevertheless, as everyone knows, a car (as a means of transportation, which is its essential function) doesn’t necessarily need mind-blowing design or capacity. And for what it’s worth, not everyone who owns a Porsche looks cool. Rather, Porsche drivers have often been perceived as pompous blowhards. Regardless of the cars or clothes, coolness comes from knowing how to present yourself with an uncompromising style that suits your specific life.

Discover Magazine B – Issue 70 (Porsche).

Magazine B is an ad-less monthly publication that introduces one well-balanced brand unearthed from around the globe in each issue. Between its covers, Magazine B not only shares untold stories behind the brand but also its sentiment and culture that any readers interested in brand marketing and management can leaf through with ease. Magazine B attempts to discover truly good brands from today’s market where countless brand-named products are overflowing. Magazine B pursues its quest for true value of a printed medium by becoming a magazine that would be worth possessing, not affected by advertisements since it receives no financial support from the brand, and maintains a unique and independent perspective which is increasingly disappearing due to overflowing information mingled among different media outlets.

Magazine B dedicates each issue to the story of one specific brand, which is one of the well-balanced brands that JOH. discovers from around the world based on four standards: beauty, practicality, price, and philosophy. And each issue is packed with B’s unique insights and in-depth analysis. Magazine B will continue to search brands that it pursues to introduce cover-to-cover, such as Swiss recycled bag manufacturer Freitag and Japanese camping gear maker Snow Peak.

Content: Magazine B – Issue 70 (Porsche)


Admirations of Porsche and 24 their praise-worthy features in the media

The value of the Porsche brand as testified by the members of the Porsche Club of America

Karl-Heinz Volz, Head of Customer Center Individualization

Step-by-step process of custom Porsche manufacture at Porsche Exclusive

The high-performance components hidden inside the body

Eight key elements that characterize Porsche engineering

Jinpyo Kim, Coach of Kumho Tire’s Ecsta Racing Team

The brand as experienced by Porsche owners

Stylish elements found in the personal spaces and lifestyles of Porsche owners

Alexander E. Klein, Classic Car Collection Manager, Porsche Museum

The status of Porsche and the car culture in the automotive mecca of Southern California

Porsche culture in Tokyo, the city of aficionados

Why Porsche has become the world’s most desired sports car

21st-century brand imaging and the future of dealerships seen through the Porsche Design Studio in Milan

The Porsche philosophy, people, and design defined by the insiders at Porsche

The secret to Porsche’s success as told by automotive journalists

Detlev von Platen, Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG

The glory days of Porsche and the scale of its current success seen through numbers


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